A quick look back to the summer months FOWSA arranged to have non-toxic Thermo plastic playground markings installed in the school playground transforming the playground into an exciting and colourful place for the children to play. This was a lovely surprise for the children at the start of the new school year. We have watched the children using and enjoying the

Hopscotch, Noughts & Crosses, Snakes & Ladders, Alphabet games, number lines, dance markings and fitness trails. This is one of the most expensive projects FOWSA has funded. Thank you to all that supported, donated and contributed. We are so pleased with the new playground designs.


At Wawne Festival we held an ‘All-day Tea Party/bake sale’ in the school hall. WOW We were overwhelmed by the kind people who baked cakes and buns etc for us to sell. They all looked and tasted delicious, our cake stall was very popular we had a very busy day and made an amazing profit. A big Thank you to each and every one of you for either baking cakes or coming along and eating cakes. We really enjoyed the day.


The Year 6 pupils had a great time at their leavers party at St Stephens Funstation playing lazer tag and bowling. We hope they have settled into their new schools we wish them every success.


Moving forward we are nicely settled into the new year.


We are planning the FOWSA Christmas Party for the 21st December.


This year we are also excited about our new range of Christmas Cards designed by the children.


December Dates for your diary

Tuesday the 11th of December Christmas productions 10am –  Foundation/Class 1 2pm – Classes 2 & 3

Thursday the 13th of December Carol Concert at St peters church followed Refreshments in the school hall by FOWSA

Friday the 21st of December FOWSA Christmas Party.


Thank you Team FOWSA for all your hard work over the year.

FOWSA are always looking for new innovative ways to raise money for our School so if anyone has any ideas for new and fun ways to fundraise your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

E-Mail Address: fowsa.sch@gmail.com

Chair: Alley Lofthouse

Treasurer: Jessica Laud

Secretary: Alison Langley

Parents: Liz Thomas, Louisa Ingelson, Leanne Pexton, Sam Lewis,