Every parent is automatically a member of this flourishing and very active organisation.

We are looking forward to hosting our second ‘Movie Night’ on 2nd March.
This was a great success last year so once again the children can bring their pillows and blankets and come along dressed in their PJ’s or onesies
and snuggle down with friends to watch the film. This is a ticket only event, each ticket provides a child with Popcorn, sweets and a drink.
Coming up on our Calendar of Events we have the Easter Service at St Peters Church (date to be confirmed) then back to the school for hot
cross buns with tea or coffee all provided free of charge by FOWSA.
We will be selling bunches of Daffodils and pots of primroses/pansies again to the children, as Mother’s Day gifts, in the school hall on Friday 9th March.
Easter Chocolate Bingo is always a favourite with lots of Easter eggs and chocolate treats. (Ticket event only the date is to be confirmed).
If anyone would like to donate Easter eggs for this event, please leave them at the school office. All donations will be gratefully received.

Thank you to all who donated their old clothes and textiles recently, we received £51.60 from ‘Cash 4 clothes‘. FOWSA will be running this

project throughout the year.

After a very successful year of fundraising 2017/18; this years goal is to contribute something really special towards our school. We will
be supporting the school in developing a welcoming and creative place for all children and parents. After consulting with the acting Head Teachers,
we have been asked to help re-vitalise the school playground. We will be making a donation that will contribute to the re-develpment of the
children's play experience. This will envolve new playground markings, sandpits, playhouses etc something that all children will benefit from.
We have also donated funds for the purchase of games for a new lunch time games club. This means that those children that would rather play
quietly inside are now able to do so as not all children like to play outside on the playtrail etc. 

Looking forward to the start of spring

If you are keeping your eyes on our ‘Totalizer’ in the post office window you will see we have raised £3,000 towards the Car Park Fund. Thank you for all your support…Please keep supporting us?? and together we’ll get to our target.

We are still looking for ways to raise extra funds for the Parent Car Park/drop off area All donations would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help in any way, please let us know.

The hard-working committee, which we encourage people to join, plan and deliver great fund-raising and social events throughout the year. Primarily these are focused on providing essential assistance to the school but are also a lot of fun. Over the course of the year we hold a number of fun fund raising activities and events such as ‘Chocolate Bingo’ Tea Parties, Raffles, Prize Food Hampers and stalls at Wawne Show and seasonal events like the very popular Halloween party

The money, raised annually by the association, is often well in excess of that raised by bigger schools and is always used to benefit the children at the school.

F.O.W.S.A. have teamed up with a sub company of the Goodwin Trust called Fareshare. Fareshare are an organisation that provide quality food products from the food and drinks industry, which historically have been put in to landfill, and redistributes them to organisations working within the community, like us! We have called this the ‘Helping Hands Scheme’ as it helps us provide a much-needed base income for our fund raising which allows us to help support the school and children with activities, travel and equipment over and above the norm.

You will be made very welcome at any event you attend that has been organised by F.O.W.S.A. Details of activities and events will be advertised in the Wawne Gazette throughout 2017 

FOWSA are always looking for new innovative ways to raise money for our School so if anyone has any ideas for new and fun ways to fundraise your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

E-Mail Address: fowsa.sch@gmail.com

Chair: Alley Lofthouse

Treasurer: Jessica Laud

Secretary: Alison Langley

Parents: Liz Thomas, Louisa Ingelson, Leanne Pexton, Sam Lewis,