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Letter for Jason Gardner Environment Officer to John Holtby Ward Councillor sent Tue 03/04/2018

Good morning Cllr Holtby

Further to our conversation yesterday, I managed to revisit Warne yesterday and assess the watercourse which has been subject to further complaints over contamination issues.

Higher winter flows in the watercourse and die back of vegetation allowed a much more detailed assessment of the situation on this occasion. It was clearer that there was very little contamination of the main water course as it discharges from the culverted section, adjacent to 18 Ferry Lane. However, a small drainage ditch joins this watercourse just downstream of its exit from the culvert and at this point significant contamination was evident. A build-up of sewage fungus, discolouration and odour is present and points towards a chronic ongoing sewage discharge issue. The impact on the water course is fairly localised and is not significantly impacting further downstream but the problem still requires resolution.

I traced the source of this pollution back to two properties with septic tanks which discharge to this small drain. No other properties appeared to be contributing to the problem at this time. I spoke with the residents of both properties and discussed the issues. I explained that presently they were causing a pollution which represents an offence under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. They agreed to have their septic tanks emptied asap and also any maintenance required undertaken at the same time. This should solve the short term issue, although there didn’t appear to be any obvious reason for the septic tanks to be operating so poorly. I also explained that failure to resolve the problems could result in further action being undertaken. The residents of both properties were fairly elderly, cooperative and open to advice and guidance, so I don’t feel any formal enforcement action will be required.

It was also indicated that a longer term sewage treatment solution, is also going to be undertaken. I was informed that there is going to be a development of 30 houses behind the properties with septic tanks. This development will have provision to discharge foul drainage to the local sewer system and there is an expectation that the two properties will also be able to discharge to this and therefore no longer into the water course.

I will revisit the site after the tanks have been emptied and I expect the quality of the discharge to improve considerably and the contamination evident, to gradually decrease.

At this point I don’t believe there is any specific need for further advice and guidance on septic tank care and maintenance, within the curtilage of Warne itself, as it is now evident that only a few properties have septic tanks which discharge to watercourses.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter or if Warne Parish indicates they need further input on sewage provision/cross connection issues and I will be happy to supply the leaflets/guidance we discussed previously if there is a need.

Kind regards


Jason Gardner

Environment Officer, Hull Derwent & Esk - Land and Water





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