Parish Council News

on the first Thursday of every month the Wawne Parish Council meet in the Wawne Village Hall at 7pm. It is at these meetings we discuss any matters affecting the Parish of Wawne. This may be potential events we are planning, crime reports from Humberside Police, listening to resident’s views and concerns as well as planning applications and funding requests.
Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting, you don’t need to have a reason. If you can’t attend but would like to raise an issue then please email the clerk. The minutes and agendas are always posted on the website and in the noticeboard.
For those of you unable to join us, here is a brief summary of the type of things we have been up to or are thinking about:
Our Handyman
Although we will all miss Peter Salmon and his valuable work around the village, we are sure that you will join us in wishing him all the very best following his resignation from the role with the Parish Council. After some 9 years keeping the village clean and tidy Peter and his friendly approach to all members of the village will be sadly missed - we wish him well. Street Cleaning etc. The Parish Council have made arrangements that ensure the high standard we have come to expect do not deteriorate. We have a number of options under consideration and until we make a final decision on the way forward we have come up with a number of temporary agreements that will address Street Cleaning, odd jobs and the delivery of the
Gazette and Flyers.
Would you be interested in an allotment? We are aware there are a few allotments provided by the Church but we are trying to gauge the interest of villagers as part of our long term plans for the Play area and the old tennis courts that have fallen into total disrepair. If you would be interested in an allotment or if you have an alternative idea for the old tennis court area please let us know.
The 101 help Line
We have had a number of complaints that the non-emergency police contact number – 101 – is not working as well as we would all hope for. Poor responsiveness, no replies to messages left and no follow up are all issues for villagers
If you feel strongly enough about the problem we would encourage you to complain to Keith Hunter the Police Crime Commissioner.
Phone 01482 220787
Address The Lawns Harland Way Cottingham HU16 5SN
My Community Alert - Humberside
We often hear about a specific crime or crime in general and realise we have thoughts or information that can add to the information available to the police and those affected by the crime. We might see a group of youths hanging about and days later hear about a break-in or theft from a car. The two might be connected and you now have the opportunity to let the police know what you have seen or heard The My Community Alert – Humberside website allows you download the APP to receive alerts about Crimes in this area – this will give you the opportunity to hear about issues. You will then have the opportunity to add your thoughts and views

The Play Area
We have started some work on the play area and all the trees and bushes around the play equipment have been cut back or removed. We have prices for repairing the softpore but we are still looking for help/costs with repairs to the play equipment itself. We are still trying to sort out CCTV for the area as many mums and dads no longer feel that the play area is safe. If you have any ideas about the play area and how we could encourage more use of the area please let us know.

We are still working with the Environment Agency regarding the source of the smell at the small bridge along Ferry Road - we have been trying to get them to change direction as their friendly approach has been unsuccessful and we want formal action to be taken. Writtern by Vice Chair of the Council



On the first Thursday of every month the Wawne Parish Council meet in the Village Hall at 7pm. It is at these meeting we discuss any matters affecting the parish. This can range from planning applications to village events and sponsorship, as well as the crime reports from Humberside Police.

The meetings are open to any members of the public who wish to attend, with an open forum for parishioners to voice any concerns, issues they may have OR to ask any questions.

If any residents ever have any issues OR would like to raise something with the Parish Council, then please do not hesitate to come to meetings. Can’t make the meetings, well then you can email the clerk and it will be dealt with in the meeting.

The Wawne Parish Council is always s looking for new people to join. It is a great way to get involved in the Parish and help make decisions.

Why not come to the next meeting and see what you think? We meet in the Village Hall every first Thursday of the month.

Register your interest by contacting the Parish Clerk.  Anne Gawthorpe