We understand this year Christmas will not be the same, and even we do not know what restrictions if any there are going to be in place. This doesn’t mean we are going to let COVID cancel Christmas. Which is why we at Wawne Parish Council have come up with a brilliant idea!

Normally we would gather in the Village Hall for Hot Chocolate, then we walked down to the Christmas Tree with Santa to switch on the Christmas Tree Lights. Followed by carols then mulled wine and mince pies in the St Peters Church with Santa giving out presents.

This year will be different as we cannot gather or use the Church and Village Hall in the same way. So yes we will have a tree and yes the lights be switched on but we will not be having a event to do so. 

Santa and his helpers have been working around the clock to get things ready on time, so Santa can deliver presents to those who signed up!


We have now been able to work on the route and rough timings for each street.


How it will work

We will be aiming to be on your street at the time given below. Where we will then drive around to each address along the route, stopping to deliver the presents. Please keep an eye out for Santa who will hopefully be ringing a bell and playing Christmas Music. 


Once at the delivery address Santa will place the presents down on the Wall, Fence or Floor etc. He will not be coming into any gardens or houses. 

Once Santa has placed the presents down he will step back. Then the children or adults can come and collect them.


Please can we ask that you remind the children that Santa cannot touch them, Hug etc and that at least 2 meters distance must be maintained at all times. 


All presents have been wrapped in a COVID secure way at least 72 hours prior to delivery. Santa and all his helpers will be wearing gloves and face masks throughout the whole process. 


Santa will not put the presents down, until he knows there is someone to collect them. If it seems there is nobody to collect them we will have to move on and arrange a separate redelivery. 


Route and Timings


Thursday 10th December 2020


Meaux Road - 5:30pm

Church Lane – 5:55pm

Church Road – 6:15pm

Church Crescent – 6:50pm

Glebe Road – 7:10pm

Glebe Close – 7:30pm


Friday 11th December 2020


Main Street – 5:30pm

Glebe Farm – 5:45pm

Ferry Road – 6:05pm

Pymhurst Crescent – 6:30pm

Ferryman Close – 7pm

Oak Square – 7:25pm

Windham Crescent – 7:45pm