Wawne Parish falls in the Local Authority area of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 

The East Riding of Yorkshire is located in the north of England on the East Coast approximately 200 miles from Edinburgh, London and Rotterdam.

The East Riding of Yorkshire comprises of 26 Wards, 171 Parishes, 210 Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) and 1,114 Output Areas (OAs), covering an area of approximately 240,768 hectares (or 930 square miles). The coastline stretches for 53 miles from Bempton to Spurn Point.

In 2018 the population was estimated at 339,614 (2018 ONS Statistics Mid-Year Estimates). In 2041 the population is predicted to reach 348,100 (2016 ONS Population Projections), which is a higher rate of growth than the national growth rate.

In 2011, the ONS classified the East Riding as being approximately 93% rural by area and 44% rural by population. This results in a low population density of approximately 1.4 people per hectare.