Bogus ‘Officials’

No matter who approaches you, no matter how official they look or sound, no matter how intimidated you might feel, please remember you have every right to ask the person that has approached you for PROOF OF THEIR IDENTITY – a name. a photograph, a company logo!

They might look official, they may sound official but you need to satisfy yourself that they are who they claim to be – and check with neighbours, family and friends BEFORE you do anything.

This week we have have a couple that have been approached by a lady claiming to be a council "Enforcement Officer " and told them that the council had received a number of complaints about the state of their front garden. According to the complaints the roses had to be cut back or taken out as they represent a health and safety hazard, the bird bath was not approved and the plants represented a risk to COVID sufferers and that they could be fined up to £2000!

All officials, council workers, company representatives etc. carry identification – not one of these will be offended if you ask to see their identification. Just in case the identification looks ok you may still be concerned, if you are then ask them to pop back and checks with friends and neighbours before they do!

Contact the police about your suspicions – they might already have information from others and can start to build up records that might lead to a prosecution.

Whatever you do. never hand over money, never provide information about yourself, never let anyone without and appointment into your home – let’s make it as difficult as we can for these ‘people’ to scam us, upset us or cost us money.

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