Dear Residents of the Parish of Wawne. 


We are pleased to say that we will be having our meetings FACE-TO-FACE from June onwards. 


This will help to keep people safe, there will be Track & Trace in place as well as some basic rules everyone must follow.


Next meeting dates:

AUGUST - There will be NO meeting

Thursday 2nd September - 7pm

Thursday 7th October - 7pm

Thursday 4th November - 7pm

Thursday 2nd December - 7pm

All the meetings take place in Wawne Village Hall and will be in the large hall. The meetings will start at 7pm so please arrive in good time. 

Wawne Parish Council COVID 19 Meeting Rules – Public Attendees 


  • Attendees must que in a socially distanced manner to allow all those attending to sign in.


  • All those attending will be required to wear a face mask unless exempt and failure to where a face mask will mean entry will be refused.


  • All those attending will be asked a few questions by a member of Wawne Parish Council, before they are required to fill in a track and trace form. Failure to answer the questions or fill in the track and trace form will result in having entry refused. 


  • Once the track and trace form are completed the attendees may proceed to sit in the public viewing area.


  • Attendees cannot move the chair around and once attendees have chosen a chair they should remain in that chair for the remainder of the meeting.


  • When addressing the meeting, attendees must do so through the chair and only during the designated “open forum” or at any point the chair closes the meeting. When addressing the meeting the attendees where possible are asked to stand and remove their face mask. 


  • Upon the meeting closing attendees are asked to leave in a socially distanced manner, ensuring they keep their face masks on whilst inside the building. 


  • Attendees are asked where possible to undertake a COVID 19 test prior to attending the meeting. 


  • Attendees should not attend the meeting if you:

    • Have symptoms of COVID 19

    • Have tested positive for COVID 19 in the last 14 days 

    • Have been in contact with someone 72 hours prior to the meeting who has symptoms of COVID 19.

    • Have been in contact with someone 72 hours prior to the meeting who has tested positive for COVID 19.


Contact the Clerk to Wawne Parish Council

- Email: Send your question to

- Telephone: Call 01482 225241 and leave a voicemail with your name and question. 

- In writing: please send to: Anne Gawthorpe, 54 Wenlock Street Hull HU3 1DF.


Anne Gawthorpe

Clerk to Wawne Parish Council  

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