Dear Residents of the Parish of Wawne. 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are holding our meetings virtually this year.


This will help to keep people safe. Please see below details on how to get involved. 


Next meeting dates:


3rd September 2020 – 7pm

1st October 2020 – 7pm 

5th November 2020 – 7pm 

3rd December 2020 – 7pm


How to join in:



The event will be streamed live via YouTube channel. 

The address for each of these will be on the agenda all you need to do is go to YouTube channel during the meeting to view. 


Question and Answers 

As per previous meetings, we are holding an open forum, question and answers session. We are asking for all questions to be submitted in advance. Please submit any questions by the 31st of each month. 


There are a number of ways which you can submit a question: 

- Email: Send your question to

- Telephone: Call 01482 225241 and leave a voicemail with your name and question. 

- In writing: please send to: Anne Gawthorpe, 54 Wenlock Street Hull HU3 1DF.


Anne Gawthorpe

Clerk to Wawne Parish Council  

Wawne PC No Web.png